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Does SharePoints work with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.x)?

11/29/08: After more than a year of having Leopard out and seeing that Apple has built in the functionality of SharePoints into Leopard, there will not be a new version of SharePoints.  A good article that talks about how to do most of what SharePoints could do in Leopard is available on Computerworld Australia's website.

11/4/07: The update is going to take a while.  Apple has changed a significant amount related to sharing.  

10/31/07: I now have Leopard installed and am gathering information on what updates I will need to make to the code.

10/27/07: Currently the answer seems to be no.  I don't have a copy of Leopard yet to verify and to start a fix.  I'll update here when more information becomes available.

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