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SharePoints AutoMounter is an application that makes it easy to add and delete auto mounts in the /Network directory. Mac OS X provides the ability to have network volumes automatically mounted at startup. SharePoints AutoMounter brings this functionality to everyone.


If you like SharePoints AutoMounter, please consider making a donation by clicking on the PayPal Donate button or the Amazon Donate button below. Any donations that are received will be used to purchase a new PowerMac which will replace my aging Beige G3 and aid in further software development.
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Download and Operational Instructions

To add an auto mount using Share Points AutoMounter, follow these 3 steps.
  1. Download SharePoints AutoMounter (Current version 1.0.0).
  2. Launch SharePoints AutoMounter and use it to add or delete auto mounts. (Currently, only mount points that have guest access can be mounted automatically.)
  3. Restart your computer. (The ability to have the automount appear without a restart is a planned feature for the future.)


To Install SharePoints AutoMounter, just copy it to any convenient location on your harddrive. I would suggest placing it in your Utilities folder.

Enjoy and you use this at your own risk.

Mailing List

You can join the SharePoints AutoMounter Announce mailing list if you would like to be notified by email when a new version of SharePoints AutoMounter is available.

Version History

  • First Public Release

If you would like to contact me, email hornware@hornware.com.

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